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A personal note from Charlottesville amidst past and present terror

Dear family and friends,

I’m writing from Charlottesville, Virginia, where I’m spending the summer with my girlfriend and friends and comrades before returning to Boston for the second year of my faculty position there.

I’m writing you now as we approach the second anniversary of the August 11-12 2017 white supremacist attacks on Charlottesville. I’m writing you as we grieve white supremacist stochastic terrorism through mass shootings and white supremacist state terrorism through mass detention and more. I’m writing you as I try to do my small part in organizing against fascism, and try to do more, and try to do better each day.

I’m writing to ask you for a few things. Let me know which of these things feel doable to you right now, and let’s go from there.


  • I ask you to keep supporting Charlottesville antifascists.

I am helping a group of local organizers create a positive supportive space for Charlottesville anti-racist and anti-fascist activists to come together on the second anniversary of the August 11-12 white supremacist terror attacks here. This is not a public event or action of any sort as we feel like folks need quiet company, comfort, and connection at this time. We want funds for food, drink, low-key activities, etc. for an activist-only space in which we come together in honor of our connections to one another. Your financial donation would be deeply appreciated by me personally and by my tender-and-powerful community here.


  • I ask you to keep learning about fascism and antifascism.

For my birthday at the beginning of the summer, I released my “antifascist birthday challenge,” which is really a recommended antifascist resource list. I asked people to choose one thing on the list to do: a book to read, a podcast to listen to, a Twitter account to follow, a place to give, or a way to act. I have loved receiving pledges and reflections from people who participated so far. Please check it out and let me know if you are moved by any of the resources offered!


  • I ask you to keep showing up to protect your communities from fascists.

If you are in or near Boston, please start making plans to join or support the “Straight Pride is Hate Pride” counter-protest to the dangerous “Straight Pride Parade” planned for August 31. Come to the counter-protest with a group — do not come alone. We find safety and comfort together. If you would like to join a Jewish-led presence or a queer-led presence at this counter-protest, let me know, and feel free to reach out with other questions or offers as well.

I am deeply grateful for your support in all these ways and more. Please keep in touch, please take care of yourselves, and please protect your communities from these ongoing fascist threats.

With love,



Published by Mimi Arbeit

applied developmental scientist, antifascist community organizer, sexuality educator