I am an applied developmental scientist, studying sexuality and relationship development, with particular attention to issues of gender justice and the needs and experiences of queer and trans youth.

I write to share my science. I write to cope with the hardest things. I write to see what you think. When I started a blog in 2009, intending to write about my experiences teaching public school. I found myself wanting to write about my own life, too. I wrote a series of posts on building body positivity. In 2011, I used the blog to host another series – I wrote about sexism, self-esteem, and conflict in wedding planning. Based on the success of that series, and my community-based work in young adult sex education, I was invited by JewishBoston.com to start a weekly column on sex, dating, and relationships, called The Debrief. There, I continued writing about my own experiences, and I also facilitated ways for friends and community members to write about theirs. Then of course there is my academic writing, and the work to mobilize academic researchers to support the Movement for Black Lives.