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New Paper on using Antifascist Praxis in Developmental Science

I am thrilled to share my recent paper, Antifascist Praxis in Developmental Science: Possibilities for Collective Resistance to Fascism,” published in Child Development Perspectives

This paper was co-authored by the brilliant Dr. Andrea Negrete, and my wonderful doctoral students Natasha Berger, Anne Dufault, Alexandria Onuoha, and Sarah Burnham. We present a call to action for scholars to use antifascist principles and practices (antifascist praxis) to oppose fascist threats.

I welcome your thoughts on what we wrote, and any other conversations about fascism, antifascism, and movement building. Please let me know if you want help accessing the paper; here is a view-only version of the full text.

Thank you for all you do to fight fascism and organize for collective liberation.

With hope,


Arbeit, M. R., Negrete, A., Berger, N. P., Dufault, A. E., Onuoha, A. C., & Burnham, S. L. F. (2024). Antifascist praxis in developmental science: Possibilities for collective resistance to fascism. Child Development Perspectives, 18(2), 73-81.


Published by Mimi Arbeit

applied developmental scientist, antifascist community organizer, sexuality educator