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I’ve been away so long…

I have been steeped in grad school applications (and my job), and I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in so long! Here are a few thoughts, really briefly:

I just read a fabulous post on about sexist humor. It really gets to the core of why I protest offhand comments, jokes, and yes, it specifically mentions the ever-sexist Family Guy.

I’m beginning to enjoy the New York Times Style section more and more. I highly recommend a recent article about young adults increasingly popular androgynous clothing styles, and an article from a few weeks ago about high school students dressing in clothes more often attributed to a different gender.

In terms of my own job and my own thoughts… What can we do about sexual harassment on the middle school schoolbus? How can we create systems that support safety and accountability? How can we work to teach past and potential perpetrators new behaviors? How can we help the students who have been targeted and the other students who fear being targeted? This problem is far bigger than individual incidents, and the schools and bus monitors need to treat it as such.

I’ll start writing more frequently, and in more depth, in January. Thank you for your patience! Meanwhile… your responses to my brief ideas would be much loved!

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