Youth and Young Adult Workshops

These workshops are available for middle school, high school, or college students, or for young adults in their 20s and 30s. A standard workshop is 2 hours long, for 10-20 participants, but adjustments can be made to suit your time and place.

April, 2013 –     Healthy Sexuality in Adolescence: What Does that Actually Mean? Guest Lecturer in Positive Youth Development course. Boston College. Newton, MA

March, 2013 –   Can Hookups be Holy? Guest Educator at the Nehirim College Student Retreat. Boston University Hillel. Boston, MA

Dec., 2012 –      How to be an LGBTQ Ally. Guest Educator at Prozdor: The High School of Hebrew College. On behalf of Keshet. Newton, MA

June, 2010 –      Interfaith Dating: A Reality in our Times. Jewbilee: A Local Festival of Jewish Learning, Arts and Culture for the Next Generation. Boston, MA

Sex Ed for Young Adults – workshops are available from the Sex Ed for Young Adults curriculum. These workshops can integrate discussions of Jewish texts and community values, or can be solely secular. They can address any of the six topics in the curriculum:

  • Sexual Ethics and Values
  • Communication in Friendships and Relationships
  • Gender Diversity and Sexism
  • Sexual Orientation and Desire
  • Sexual Violence and Boundary Violations
  • Consent and Sexual Communication

Sexual Wellness on College Campuses – workshops are available from my undergraduate course, Sexual Wellness on College Campuses. These workshops can integrate discussions of academic texts and social science research, or can be more recreational. They can address any of the 12 skills in my skills-based model for promoting adolescent sexuality development.