Academic Lectures

These lectures are available for university-based or academic audiences, such as a colloquium series or a guest lecture in a course. Lectures are typically one hour, but can be expanded to incorporate reflection activities and group discussion.

May, 2016 –      Program Evaluation: Research Methods and Ethics. Guest Lecturer in Research and Program Evaluation course. Brooklyn College. Brooklyn, NY

April, 2016 –     From Personal to Structural: Using a Model of Dynamic Skills to Promote Sexual Health and Gender Justice among Young People. Invited talk for Family and Child Studies Colloquium Series. Monclair State University. Montclair, NJ

Dec., 2015 –      Research Ethics and Social Justice. Guest Lecturer in Ethics & Society: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives course. Fordham University. Bronx, NY

Dec., 2014 –     Healthy Sexuality in Adolescence: What Does that Actually Mean? Guest Lecturer in Adolescent Development course. Boston College. Newton, MA

May, 2014 –      Promoting Respectful Sexuality and Preventing Sexual Violence: A Two-Way Tension in Youth Development Research and Practice. Public Talks by Dissertation Workshop Participants: Women’s and Gender Studies Dissertation Works in Progress. Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, MA

Nov., 2013 –     “I Mean, We’re Guys:” Exploring Gender at an All-Male Trade School. Invited talk at the Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education. New York University. New York, NY